Neon Rider:竞速的手游

作者:来自互联网 来源:西瓜下载 时间:2018-08-04

Welcome to the Neon Rider World!★ How to play ★- Encircle the opponents and cut off their moving path wisely until you win the game.- Tap the left half of the screen to turn left.- Tap the right half of the screen to turn right.★ Game features ★- Bike Colour select from 6 colours- Arena Colour picker option- Toggle Music / SFX on/off- Toggle FPS counter- Change Camera mode- Select number of players between 2 and 7- Select Arena Size (Small, Medium, Large, Huge)- Select Game Speed (Slow, Normal, Fast, Extreme, Crazy)- Cool in game Music- Fun, so that you can not help but want to do it again!KeyWords:Neon Rider World, Neon Rider, 3D Moto Drag Racing,3D Moto,Drag Racing,3D,Moto Drag Racing,Super Racing