Keep Rolling: Islands:解谜冒险的游戏

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love marble rolling games? Love skill games? Then Keep Rolling: Islands combines the two for an awesome challenge. You need to roll your marble through 10 challenging levels while avoiding falling off the islands and piers. Along the way you will encounter cannons trying to blow you away, mines in your path that will blow you back, up or forwards. Fans that will push you to one side. Teleporters that will move you to whole new areas, jump pads that will throw you forward in the air and bridges that start falling as soon as you start crossing.Set in an island world you will need to avoid the water of face loosing a life. You will need skill and patience to complete all levels. Take control of this funky little balls and show us what you can do.It's completely free. So what are you waiting for? Keep Rolling!Features:- A huge variety of obstacles in your way. Every level is a new challenge.- Tons of different islands to play on.- Stunning 3D graphics build just for your Android device.